Green energy and local benefits

The electricity produced in wind and solar farms is carbon neutral and adds electricity to the market at an affordable price. This contributes to achieving climate goals as well as ensuring the energy security of Estonia.

Compared to electricity produced from coal, the annual production of the hybrid park prevents the emission of nearly 700,000 tons of CO2 into the air.

Every year, the Põhja-Pärnumaa municipality receives direct financial benefits from the wind farm in accordance with the national local benefit model. The payment allocated to the local government budget depends on the production of the wind farm and the price of electricity, and is estimated to be between 300,000 and 600,000 euros. The payment to the owners of residential buildings up to 2 km from the wind turbines is up to 4,350 euros per year.

In addition, Enefit Green enables electricity consumption with a direct line, ie without a network fee, within a radius of 6 km from the substation and up to 20 megawatts. A new road will also be built together with the wind farm, which will shorten the road to Tallinn for local residents by tens of kilometres.

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